Episode 5: God Is Real

Welcome to episode #5, where we continue the conversation out of Sunday's message all about encountering a very real God. This week we are joined by our very own Anna Hawthorne. She is bucking the trend as a Generation "Z" not only following Jesus with all she's got but also leading a group of young people to do the same. Join us as she shares her journey and experience hearing the voice of the Lord. Oh, and because it's Anna, seriously expect a good laugh.

Episode 4: Just Do It, Your Yes To Jesus

With our Missions Series coming to an end, we sit down with our Missions Pastor, Bryan, to swap stories about how to practically make a difference. Has God moved on your heart to take your next step? If so, this episode is for you! We will share a few laughs and be reminded that everyone's yes to Jesus looks different. Listen and be encouraged to stop thinking and just do it.

Episode 3: Stories of Great Faith

This week our special missionary guest joins us to share her funny, encouraging, and faith-filled stories of caring for 46 children in another country. Listen and be inspired to find your way to make a difference.

Episode 2: People of Peace

Jim and Rebekah hang out with Jon Blankenship, our Brunswick Campus Pastor, as they continue the conversation about living a life on mission and unpacking the tool of Persons of Peace.